Kitchen & Bath Countertops
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Cord’s Cabinetry has the largest custom laminate shop in southern Maryland. Because of its durability and ease of cleaning, we are proud to offer Formica as our standard choice for laminate. Our craftsmen have a combined 50 years of experience building laminate tops and are committed to providing you with custom, high quality countertops.

Wilsonart continues to deliver unmatched beauty, design and craftsmanship to countertops and walls. It began with Laminate and now includes Quartz, plus a full offering of engineered surfaces. These surfaces are stunning, beautiful, functional, and transformative. Visit our showroom to explore Wilsonart countertop surfaces.  

Solid Surface

Along with being the largest custom laminate shop, we are proud to also be the largest Certified Corian fabrication shop in Southern Maryland. Though there are many available solid surface materials out there, we feel that Corian offers the highest quality in solid surfacing materials. We fabricate all of our Corian tops in-house. Because we are a direct fabricator/installer we are able to offer the lowest pries on Corian®countertops along with the finest quality.

Quartz Surfaces

Called the perfect blend of nature and science, quartz surfaces are an extremely durable and stain resistant man-made material that starts with natural stone. We are pleased to offer our customers four of the top brands of quartz surfaces available:



Granite is the best choice for natural stone countertop surfaces in your kitchen or other high traffic areas. Besides being beautiful, granite is highly resistant to scratches and damages from heat. Granite also gives you that one of a kind countertop, and you can be assured that because of the natural variations in granite no one will have a countertop exactly like yours. 


Marble has some of the most elegant stones for countertops. Some of the most beautiful marbles are extremely fragile, therefore use of marble is recommended in low traffic, light work areas, such as bathroom vanity tops, tub deckings or fireplace surrounds.

Cultured Marble Tops

Cultured marble tops are a wonderful addition to your bathroom and a compliment to your vanity cabinetry. With cultured marble you can get a custom, durable, easy to clean top at a very affordable price. With a variety of products from Waldorf Marble, Virginia Marble and Wolf brands, Cord’s Cabinetry’s vanity tops offer a wide selection of not only stock colors and sizes but also many custom options such as different sinks and edges.

Butcher Block

Butcher block is especially good for the at home baker since it is an excellent surface to roll out cookies and work with dough. Though many people think that having butcher block countertops will eliminate your need for a cutting board, we do not recommend using yours for this purpose. Available in a variety of sizes, in both maple and cherry, butcher block countertops can be a beautiful natural addition to your kitchen.

If you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen or bath or building a new home, be sure to stop by our showroom to see our wide selection of cabinetry, countertops, and hardware.



If you’re ready to remodel or build a new home or commercial space, Cord’s Cabinetry is the one to call to book an appointment with one of our designers. We work with builders, remodelers, interior designers, and property owners.