Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me a rough estimate on my kitchen?

  At Cord’s, we understand that a customer has a certain budget they plan to stay within and that it can be helpful to have an idea of what the cost will be when starting a project. There is just no simple answer to this question though. Each kitchen size, shape and style is unique, as is each kitchen price. Our design services and pricing are a free service. Bring us your measurements, pick out what you like and let one of our designers figure a design and proposal that fits your style and your budget.

Do you sell individual cabinet parts such as cabinet hinges, hardware or drawer glides?

 Due to differences between manufacturers of cabinetry and ever changing sizes in styles in individual cabinet parts, we recommend that you contact your original supplier for any replacement parts. If your cabinets were manufactured by Cord’s Cabinetry, Wellborn or HomeCrest, we will be happy to help you find replacement parts. If your cabinetry did not come from us or one of the manufacturers that we carry, we recommend you contact a furniture or cabinet repair company as they will have more replacement resources available to assist you. 

How long will it take to get my design finished?

  After making your initial selection, a designer will contact you within 48 business hours. The length of time for your design to be competed depends on a number of factors including the current level of projects a given designer is working on, the size and amount of detail in your specific kitchen, and the amount of information you are able to provide us. When you speak with your designer, he/she will be able to give you a time frame specific to your project. 

How much is granite per square foot?

  At Cord’s Cabinetry we do not offer a “sq. ft.” price. We offer a price quote specific to your needs. Sq. Ft. pricing is generally given as a raw material price and rarely includes things like cut out, sinks, back splashes, edges or installation which are all items for which you will eventually be charged. Instead of giving you a “sq. ft.” price and then a higher true price later, we prefer to have you start with the “true” price you will be paying. 

I am just in the beginning stages of my project and would like to know where do I begin?

  It is as easy as making a trip to our showroom, looking at and selecting what products and styles you like and then letting a designer work up an initial design and proposal for you. If you are building a new home or addition onto your home, we ask that you bring us a copy of your builder supplied plans. If you are remodeling an existing space we ask that you measure your space as accurately as possible and include all ceiling heights and wall lengths, outlet, window and doorway sizes and locations, appliance styles and locations along with any other information that may affect the design of your area. Please do not be afraid to take these measurements yourself, as we have found that customers are rarely off on their measurements, and we are always happy to do a final field measure for you to make sure everything fits just right.

What are the advantages of working with a Cord’s Cabinetry designer?

  Cord’s Cabinetry offers custom cabinetry and semi-custom cabinetry. Whether you choose custom cabinetry or cabinetry from Wellborn, warranties and a range of options are available to fit your budget. If you desire custom cabinetry, we build cabinets in our facility in Charlotte Hall, Maryland. With Cord’s Cabinetry you will

What information do I need to bring to the free consultation?

  Bring as little or as much information as you like. We’ll discuss things such as design, your taste, needs, timeline and financial expectations. Having a rough estimate of the space we’ll be working with would be great. You’re welcome to download our free planning guide to help with planning your project.

What is the difference between Cord’s Custom  and manufactured cabinetry?

  Manufactured cabinetry is cabinetry ordered from another company, delivered to us and installed in your home or office. Custom cabinetry is cabinetry made by Cord’s Cabinetry in our shop and installed in your home or office to specific sizes and shapes.

What is the difference between granite and a quartz surface?

  Granite is a 100% natural stone that comes from the earth and a Quartz surface is a man made material where quartz, along with other recycled material is a main component of the product. Granite and Quartz surfaces are very similar in terms of care and durability. Please see the countertop comparison chart for further information. 

When can I expect my order to be ready?

  Manufactured, warehouse pick-up orders are generally ready in 3-4 weeks. 
Manufactured, delivery or install orders are generally ready in 4-6 weeks. 
Custom, warehouse pick-up orders, delivery and install can take 8-10 weeks, depending on the current volume of orders.

Why do you offer the line of cabinetry that you do?

 The line we sell, Wellborn, offers everything a homeowner would want to build from a simple laundry room to a custom project. This line has demonstrated a consistent focus on quality, service, integrity and flexibility. 

Why should I purchase my cabinets from Cord’s Cabinetry instead of a large national chain?

 First and foremost, our exceptional customer service. We strive to provide exceptional service from concept to completion, including a free consultation. In addition to our competitive prices and quality guarantee, you will get the personal attention of a locally owned company.



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