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At Cord's Cabinetry, we believe in quality. That is why we are one of the few remaining custom cabinetry manufacturers that use solid wood in the construction of our cabinets. Nothing is more beautiful than natural wood.

Custom White Kitchen Cabinetry and Granite Countertops

Natural woods have many characteristics which cannot be imitated by simulated wood products. Each species of wood has its own unique characteristics and within each species there are many variations. No two pieces of wood are alike. The variations are not a flaw but a quality which adds to the beauty of natural solid wood in our cabinetry. By using natural solid wood, you can be assured that no one will have a kitchen exactly like yours.

Types of Cabinetry We Offer

Kitchen, Office, Bathroom Vanities, Entertainment Centers, Bookcases, Custom Closets and Dressing Area, Laundry Room, and much, much more.

Wood Choices

Oak Wood ChoiceOAK: America's most abundant hardwood species. Oak has been predominately used in new cabinets. Oak has a dramatic grain pattern, dark mineral streaks and very small pink pin knots.

Maple Wood ChoiceMAPLE: Often used for both new cabinetry and floors, maple has mainly a straight grain. There are several distinctive characteristics with maple, including birds eye, fiddle back, mineral streaks, and curly grain. All of these characteristics are marginal which makes this the best paint grade wood.

Hickory Wood ChoiceHICKORY: For those that want to create a kitchen with dramatic wood characteristics, hickory has intense contrasts from white to chocolate brown and a strong grain pattern, with occasional burls which are brought out by darker stains.

Cherry Wood ChoiceCHERRY: Cherry has always been considered a luxury wood for cabinetry or furniture because of its rich crimson tones. When naturally finished, cherry has many contrasting shades of light red and cream.

Pine Wood ChoicePINE: Pine has a pale white/yellow color similar to maple, but with occasional red/brown streaks. As pine ages it will take on a golden honey color. This wood can have very large knots, very small knots or no knots at all.


Paint grade maple and laminated cabinetry also available.


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